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Pad is your all-in-one platform for discovering new projects, buying, and selling crypto with the best rates in the NEAR & Aurora ecosystem. Dive into innovative projects on the launchpad.

PAD Products

Everything you need in one place

Trade confidently on our secure decentralized exchange, launch your next big idea on our decentralized launchpad, and stay ahead of the game for more.


Buy, sell, and provide liquidity for the best projects on Aurora.

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Support the latest and innovative projects.

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DEX Aggregator

Instantly swap with the best rates on Aurora.

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Enter PAD

Platform for Advancement & Disruption

Navigate the boundless opportunities on Aurora through a secure, fast, user-friendly DeFi Hub.

Users always control their private keys and the smart contracts they interact with, ensuring that no third-party mediates any interaction.
A second can make all the difference in DeFi. This is why we’ve designed Pad to be fast and responsive.
Unlocking the next wave of DeFi users needs platforms that cater to the needs of everyone regardless of their level of experience or expertise.

Building the ecosystem to bootstrap innovations together.

Bootstrap your innovations.
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PAD helps developers to deliver innovations at scale, while enabling users to experience developments that scale within their needs.